Peee Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray – mint – 75ml Pack of 3

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Peee Easy is an instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray which kills 99.99% germs, without leaving any residue. It consists of IPA Formulation which starts an action within 5 seconds of application ensuring germ-free toilet. The small and compact bottle makes it travel-friendly, providing you protection from bathroom borne diseases like Diarrhoea and Urinary Tract Infection on the go, at home & office. Peee Easy can be sprayed on Toilet Seats, Toilet Tops, Flush, Faucets, Door Knobs, etc. It disinfects any item it is sprayed on and makes in 99.99% germ-free & clean within 5 seconds Eliminates germs and bacteria. Dries within 10 secs. Sanitizes & deodorizes the place. Easy to carry.


Sku: HPETSS0000003
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