What Is Peee Easy?

It is our brand name in Peee easy we have 2 products both are related to feminine hygiene one is the toilet seat spray you must have heard of this before and the second one is the peee funnels.

Peee funnel and its uses?

Peee funnels are designed in such a way that it can assist a women to use any kind of public toilet be it in a without touching any part of the toilet seat  as men can pass urine anywhere but a women can’t. It gives a woman the pleasure to stand and pee at any public toilet which is not in a Parsonal Hygiene condition to use.

You can use it anywhere outside home such as  trains ,railway station, metro station ,malls ,restaurants ,cafe ,market places ,or for medical purposes.

It is very helpful in the collection of urine sample which every woman have to give once in a lifetime ,during pregnancy you undergo through so many tests being urine culture one of them which leaves a women in a disguise situation at that very point of time you feel the urge to Urinate in a standing position. Doing air squats or holding urine in your initial days of pregnancy is not at all recommend by doctors.

Also for people who are diagnosed with arthritis it is helpful as they are unable to do air squats because in air squats the pressure come on your knees moreover while doing air squats you are never sure whether it will directly go in the shit pot or it will summer flow through the legs making our clothes dirty because female urine is just like gravity ,You are not certain about the flow direction.

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